We consider items marked as Reserve.

Selling products well in advance of the announced availability date allows us to offer better prices on products not yet manufactured. These prices reflect the VAT rate applicable to the product to be booked at the time of booking. If between the date of formalization of the reservation and the date of receipt of the product there is a modification of the VAT rate applicable to said product, Frikispain may affect said variation in the final price of the product, giving the client the option to cancel the reservation. and recover the amounts already paid. In the event of a price increase by the manufacturer or distributor,frikispain may affect said increase, also offering the client the possibility of canceling the reservation and refunding the amounts already paid. In both cases (cost increase or VAT increase)frikispain undertakes to maintain the final price as long as it does not involve losses in the sale, valuing for this the total cost of the operation (cost + shipping + VAT).
*The products in reserve will have a 5% discount on the total cost of the reserved product (being effective for purchases greater than 50 euros + VAT).

In these articles we have an approximate date of availability provided by the Manufacturer or Distributor. Remember that this date may be subject to variations by the Manufacturer or distributor, of whichfrikispain is not responsible.

When you formalize the reservation, we will contact our distributors to confirm if there is enough production of the item to cover the reservation and, if not, we will contact you, cancel the reservation and refund the amount paid.


An item will be considered reserved once partial payment (10%, 25% or 50%) of the item has been received as a reservation. Said payment must be made immediately in the case of payments by credit card, and within 7 days of placing the order on our website for transfer payments. When the product is ready to ship, you will receive a message and you will have to pay the other part of the remaining total amount with shipping costs and taxes.


Yes, but please note that we will not ship ordered items that are in stock until such time as your reservations arrive, and that payment for the order (reservation signal if applicable and items in stock) must be made immediately to the case of payments by credit card, or in the following 7 days, for payments by transfer.


When your items are in stock, we will contact you to agree on the mode and term of payment of the remaining amounts. It is the customer's responsibility to providefrikispaina functional email address and to the list of authorized domains in your email management program to prevent our messages from going to your spam folder, thus not being viewed by the customer.


After 15 days from the sending of the notice about the entry into stock of the reserved item without having received the payment,frikispain You can cancel the reservation or pre-order and dispose of the item, losing the customer the amounts paid.


The amounts paid for an item during the reservation period are not refundable, unless the manufacturer or distributor cancels the product or does not servefrikispain sufficient quantity of the product to cover the reservations of our clients.

frikispain will not be in any case responsible in case of cancellation of the product or delay in the date of availability of the same by the manufacturer or distributor. If the product is canceled by the manufacturer or distributor, or the distributor does not have enough units to meet a customer's reservation, the amounts already paid for said product will be refunded.


Under normal operating conditions, products marked "In Stock" are in our warehouse. In the event that when making the shipment we observe that an error has occurred regarding the availability of the product, we will contact you to inform you if the product can be obtained from our suppliers and the expected availability time, if so, giving you the possibility of canceling the entire order, or that of that specific item and proceeding to make the refund of the corresponding amount.

Items marked Reserve will be shipped upon receipt, along with the rest of the items in the order. In these cases we provide an approximate date of availability. The final availability date may be different from the one marked on our website due to the distributor, manufacturer or transport. We are at your disposal to check the availability date set by the distributor at any time for the items you have requested. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

Items marked "Subject to Supplier Availability" are ordered from our suppliers following the customer's order, such orders cannot be canceled and are subject to product availability at our suppliers. In the event that the supplier confirms that they will not be received, we will proceed to return the money.

Except for incidents or holidays, we will process your order in a maximum of one business day (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays) from receipt of the order. During the month of December, this policy may not apply due to increased orders. If you need something before a specific date, contact us (Tlf.: 673898178) If you request products in stock with others that are not yet, we will wait until all the products of your order are in our warehouse to send your order unless you tell us otherwise.